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How to Obtain Entry Level Medical Transcription Jobs

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Medical Transcription Jobs Information

Entry Level Medical Transcription Jobs

Many times a new medical transcriptionist will get discouraged when looking for an entry level medical transcription job. This is because the majority of the jobs posted on career sites online require one to two years of experience if not more.

There is a reason most facilities; doctors and hospitals do not post entry-level medical transcription job positions online.

Over exposure:

When some people look for “work at home” jobs online that require no prior experience, they will submit their resume without even looking at the job description. This results in thousands of resumes being submitted from many different countries to the facility.

They simply do not have the HR staff to go through that magnitude of resumes to try to find the qualified ones.

Job ads get copied and pasted on websites throughout the Internet: When a company posts a job ad for a work at home position it is almost a given that it will end up being copied and placed on other websites. The problem with this is that not every website is kept up to date. This resulted in companies receiving resumes months and even years later after the original job ad was posted.

It is usually the “work at home jobs” and “no previous experience needed” job ads that end up being copied to other websites.

Every experienced medical transcriptionist had to start out with no prior experience!

There are many doctors, hospitals, and medical transcription facilities that hire brand new MTs. Normally a doctor’s office will not take on more than 2 or 3 transcriptionists at a time. This is because they have staff that will have to oversee the work of the new transcriptionist to ensure their reports are accurate.

There are thousands of doctors and hundreds of hospitals in every state. This opens up a lot of job opportunities for the new medical transcriptionist because the work is done through the use of a computer and the Internet. You do not have to live in the same state as the doctor you work for!

Many of the companies that post jobs for “experienced” MTs will also accept new MTs. You should create a letter to the company letting them know that you would like to keep your resume on file should an entry level medical transcription job position open up. They usually are happy to do this if the resume is professional. If they have a current job opening, they may ask you to take a transcription test for consideration of the job position.

In addition, many facilities will contact medical transcription schools with new job openings. This is especially true if the school offers job assistance. This allows the new MTs resume to be submitted for consideration of the job opening.

Here are some other ideas you can do to get your foot in the door:

  • Drop off your resume and even a business card to local doctors and hospitals.
  • Use the Internet as a research tool to locate more doctors and hospitals throughout the United States. You can usually call them and request their fax number or email address to send them your resume.
  • Use online tools such as KB Benchmark to keep up with the medical transcription industry as well as have access to thousands of doctors’ contact information.
  • Post your resume online with job sites such as Career Builder.
  • Join AHDI and go to meetings to network with other medical transcriptionists. Join online transcription forums. Sometimes a new MT will get a job by hearing about it from another medical transcriptionist.

Just keep in mind that there are lots of jobs out there for new medical transcriptionists. It can take an average of one to three months to get your foot in the door after you have completed a medical transcription course.

Some MTs will give up within the first month if they do not find a job. Medical transcription is like any other career; it can take a little while to get started.

Many MTs have taken their career beyond entry level jobs once they worked in the field for a while. Some have started their own medical transcription business and hired other MTs to work under them.

One of the great things about the healthcare industry is that there are always jobs, and it is less likely to be affected by the economy. People see doctors every day, get radiology tests, operations, etc., and each of these will require a medical report to be transcribed. There are many other medical departments and specialties that need transcriptionists.