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What is a Medical Billing Specialist? How much do they make?

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Medical Billing EducationAbout the Medical Billing Specialist

A medical billing specialist is responsible for making sure the services rendered to the patient are paid for the doctor or hospital. This can include visits do the doctor, radiology tests, lab work, operations, hospitalization, and in or out patient services.

Once the service has been performed it is up to the medical biller to look over the documentation from the medical report to make sure the insurance companies are billed correctly. These can be notes from the doctor, check-out sheets, transcription notes, etc.

As a billing specialist you will have to make sure the proper forms are used for the different services rendered. Furthermore, depending upon the type of insurance company the patient has, you may have to use separate forms when filing the claim as well.

Medical facilities that see patients are in need of qualified billing specialists to ensure the medical claim is properly billed.

The medical biller will be responsible for reviewing and verifying the claim before billing the insurance company, government (Medicare / Medicaid), etc. They will also follow up on the payment status.

How much does a medical billing specialist make?

Usually medical billers will start out around $30 – $45K their first year. Of course, this is just an average. There are some people out there that make over this amount and others that might start out making a little less to gain more experience.

Where do medical billers work?

Some medical billers do have the option of working at home. In most cases, the biller will work directly for the hospital or doctor’s office for a period of time before they are allowed to do the work from their home. Not all facilities allow billing to be done from a home office. However, we are seeing a rise in the percentage of home workers in the medical billing career field.

Job Outlook for Medical Billing

Medical Billers and Coders are also known as Medical Records and Health Information Technicians.

The job outlook is great! This career is expected to grow 21% between 2010 -2020.

Click here for the job outlook for these types of healthcare careers through the Department of Labor website.

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Medical Billing Courses

MTatHome is excited to announce we added medical billing courses to our healthcare training programs in 2011. We are well-known for the transcription training we have offered since 1997.

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