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Medical Transcription Courses with Transcriptionist Editing

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Medical Transcription Courses with Editing Training

Our medical transcription courses include medical transcription editing. This is very important!

You must know how to edit voice recognition reports. They almost always include multiple errors. It takes someone with a good eye to catch these errors and correct them.

You will need the proper training of the medical language, pharmacology proofreading, editing and report formatting to be successful as an editor. Of course, there is more to the training than this, but these are the key features.

Our medical transcription editing module provides extensive training in this area. You will also have online modules that will require you to listen to dictations while transcribing them. In addition, you will be given draft reports that will need to be edited while listing to the original dictation.

A medical transcriptionist that does not have transcription editing skills will have a hard time getting hired. This is because employers expect all skilled MTs to be able to do both traditional transcription and editing.

Frustrated Medical TranscriptionistTranscribing without proper training can be frustrating.

If you are hired, you may have a very difficult time transcribing the reports.  Time can be wasted by having to stop and research terms and diagnosis to see if what the VR program typed is actually correct.  This can become very frustrating.

Your income depends on the ability of producing the reports to the facility on time.  You are paid by the character line in most cases.  If you spend wasted time researching, you will not transcribe as many reports as you could have with proper training.

Of course, even the most experienced MT will have to do research sometimes when they can’t understand what the doctor is saying or if the VR draft report does not match to the audio dictation.  Even so, if they received the skill training, they need, they can minimize the time it takes to find the answer.

Are you already a Medical Transcriptionist?

If you are already an MT and never trained in editing, you might want to consider taking a refresher course. If it has been more than five or six years since you were trained, you may need to update your skills in other areas.

The transcription field is like others in the healthcare field; changes are made; new requirements are set, and new medical terms and diseases are added from time to time.

Our School

MTatHome has been training in the healthcare field since 1997; we specialized in medical transcription training for nearly 14 years before we added billing and coding to our programs. We are well known, and can provide you the best training possible.

If you have further questions about our programs, please contact us.

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