Using Macros and Styles in MS Word can improve your productivity. –




There are a lot of ways to improve your productivity to make more money as a Medical Transcriptionist.  One of the ways is to use a medical text expander.  However, if you do not have the money to buy a text expander at this time then you can find other ways to get more medical reports transcribed in less time.

In Microsoft Word you can create “Styles” and “Macros” that will make your life as an MT much easier.


The styles are what make your document do certain things.  This can include the font size, color or type.  You can also create styles for all capitals, bold and much more.  If you are typing a heading and you do not want to take the time to put all of them in capitals or change the font size, then you can create a style that has all caps and is in a certain size of font.  Once you create the style all you would have to do is highlight your text and choose that style.  Word will then change the text to the format you need it in.


Macros are a little bit different.  A macro is a recording of certain actions preformed within MS Word.  You can start the Macro and then type out a template for a SOAP note report another type medical report to where all you have to do is fill in the information.  If you know you have a SOAP note or chart note to do then all you have to do is go to that macro and play it or press the shortcut keys that you assign to it.  Once it puts the information on the page then you would listen to your dictation and fill in where appropriate. 


Of course this is much like creating a template.  It just depends on which method is easier for you.


For more information on how to create Macros or Styles please visit the Microsoft Website and look for their tutorials.  You can also type “Macros” or “Styles” in the help field of MS Word and it will bring up documentation on how to create these.  There are also lots of websites that will show you how to do these.


It will take some time to set up your styles or record your macros.  The nice thing is that once this is done you will be able to produce more lines per hour and make a higher average of pay.  It will take time to get use to using the styles or macros; however it is worth the time invested if you can’t afford a text expander as mentioned above.  The text expander will do much of the same and it is a lot easier to use in most cases. 


The best medical text expander that we have found is the Speed Type program at:


We hope to have new tutorials for our students on creating Macros and Styles very soon.  If you are a student of MTatHome watch the student area for these upcoming tutorials.